Current Projects

“Tirana Throwdown”

Tirana Throwdown took place on a three day activity in the premises of the Asllan Rusi Palace. This was the first international event of intensive and functional training in Albania. 140 foreign and albanian athletes were invited where they also participated in the competition. At the end, there were respective prizes for the winners.

Girls Speak Digital Economy

The “Girls Speak Digital Economy” (GSDE) project is organized by the UET Center in cooperation with the National Youth Congress and the Municipality of Tirana, within the framework of the Tirana European Capital of Youth Program 2022. (  ) The main goal of the project is to empower women/girls with the ability to was

Digital Money and Banking

Albanian-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics, Business and Development at the European University of Tirana and UET Centre, organized the Academic Seminar ‘Digital Money and Banking’. The seminar was focused on digital and electronic money, which are becoming ubiquitous in the financial industry and banking sectors. This seminar