Understanding Human Communication (AMA)

About this project

This project aims to bring a basic text translated, edited and published in the Albanian language international of the university publishing house “Oxford University Press” in the field of communication and media. The selected text meets the highest theoretical and research standards academic and scientific, offering students the necessary tools of knowledge for formation theirs in disciplines of social sciences or humanities and in particular those related to communication public, media and journalism. The latest edition of this text in the language has been selected for publication original, 14th edition, dated 2019. This text in all its editions has been translated and is widely used in universities in Europe, the USA and beyond, but there is a lack of translation and its publication at the service of students of journalism, media and communication in the Albanian language. The 480-page volume, in the expanded format of a basic university text, accompanied by graphic and visual illustrations integrated even for digital use, requires a full commitment for its translation, editing and publication, taking over the copyright, according to statement attached to this application, but also in compliance with the standards required by Oxford University Press for its translation and publication in Albanian. 

The objectives of this project

  1. To offer a quality university text and international standards for training on communication competencies of media, journalism and public communication professionals in Albania.
  2. To help in the process of enriching the library of the community of journalists, editors and managers who are engaged in the editorial offices of OSHMA, but also of students, lecturers and researchers in the field of media and communication.
  3. To present and promote the translated and edited text in university settings and academic as well as in public forums and tables, in function of its recognition and efficient use by lecturers and students.
  4. 4. To support and provide a platform for cooperation in projects of national value between public institutions and research and scientific centers, in function of the use of expertise and academic and intellectual capacities, in order to promote the highest values of knowledge and social and public contribution.