The UET Centre Programme Portfolio falls within these priority clusters:


I.    Good Governance and European Union Integration
This programme priority includes research and capacity-building projects in economic, social and educational policy in the framework of good governance and EU accession processes. Some key areas are: employment and labour market; social benefits and welfare policy; migration and social mobility; land and property laws; economic growth; income, taxes and redistribution of resources; integration processes and accession, costs and benefits. Founded and located within the academia, the UET Centre has a particular interest in educational policy in Albania. More so as it seeks to link high quality education and research to capacity building based on the principle that the democratization requires a well-educated citizenry. Some key areas include: education legislation/strategy; the Bologna Process and the higher education in Albania; pre-university and higher education reforms; educational policy and practice linkage; the impact of information and communication technologies on education; education access and inclusion for marginalized groups; European Union, education and research.

II.    Economy and Sustainable Development
In lieu of the challenges that the contemporary society encounters, sustainable social and economic development and environmental protection constitute emerging public policy areas in Albania. Key areas include: smart growth, agriculture, land and water management in Albania; energy policy; environment quality; industrial pollution; national and international legislation and policy framework on environmental issues; environmental policy and economics in Albania and the role of the government.

III.    Human Rights and Social Inclusion
The UET Centre is founded on the principles of respect for human rights and freedoms, equal opportunities and encouragement of diversity and plurality in society and polity. If Albania is to achieve its development and democratic goals, Human Rights should be central to the public policy processes and society at large. Henceforth, the UET Centre is committed to policy analysis, research and advocacy in the area of human rights, social inclusion and citizens’ participation in the public sphere and decision-making in Albania. The specific areas in this cluster include: national and international legislation on human rights; the rights of the Child; marginalised children and youth; various forms of discrimination, social exclusion and social justice; gender issues; international organizations and human rights.

IV.    Information Technology, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
As Albania is moving towards the knowledge-based society and economy, ICTs and innovation are instruments of turning economic, social, cultural and political challenges in Albania into opportunities with social missions that could convey positive transformations for individuals and the society at large.  As these constitute emerging areas of research, policy and practice, the UET Centre intends to bring together academics, policymakers and practitioners to design and develop research projects, education and development initiatives and related activities in order to promote and foster social innovation and entrepreneurship in Albania. This cluster includes activities in the following areas: ICTs in the public, private and educational sectors; innovation, research and education; research and development; social enterprise and business; public-private partnerships; academia, governance and entrepreneurship.