The Feminine Side of Quality

What about the Feminine Side of Quality

The overall objective of this project was to promote the  IPA Cross-border Cooperation Action Programme Montenegro Albania – EU Delegation to Albania on enhancement of employability through the empowerment of women as wage earners and job creators.

Specific objectives were:1. The promotion of better linkage of vocational training with labour market demands so as to increase the skills of labour force and enhance employment opportunities;2. The promotion of women’s work and products by providing conditions for their placement on the market;3. To involve all relevant actors in facilitating women’s access in the labour market.

Main Activities were:1. The Establishment of the project management team;2. Field research – identification of unemployment of women;3. Info and selection meetings;4. Trainings with women;5. Study visit;6. The Preparation for the promotional fair;7. The Preparation and publication of a handbook with traditional recipes;8. The Organization of the promotional fair;9. The Closing conference of the project with all relevant stakeholders.