FROM M.E. TO E.U- “FROM Migrants’ Engagement TO Europe Upgrade”

What about the project

This project aims to provide spaces and opportunities for European citizens and migrants’ communities to work together in order to build up and share a new idea of a multicultural Europe. The concept we believe-in is that, beside formal citizenship, there are different ways and method to involve people in the growing up of a society. Refugee communities are, as a matter of fact, a part of our population and will contribute, together with us, to the shaping of our future. For this
reason every migrant should be considered a citizen and every citizen could bring ideas, innovative
approaches, participation methods to the community in which he lives. Our aim, as NGO, is to overturn the idea of a society in which refugees are outsiders to be managed, a problem to be solved, a crisis to deal with. Our will is to move out, from migrant people, the guilt of stealing our “well-being” and of ruining our values and give them back the responsibility of being part of the growing of our society. One of the most big challenges of the new century could then be tackled with a new approach, not only centered on pitiful and helpful, but on sharing of experiences, collaboration, building of double-win solutions. Our project FROM M.E. To E.U. consist in a path of inclusion between citizens and refugees and migrants, fostering a mutual assistance through a peer-to-peer approach.