Common Sense of Economics

What about EFI

“Everyone involved in the Economic Fundamentals Initiative has spent much of their career living and working across the region. We are economists. We are teachers. We are educational administrators, marketers, editors and translators. All of us are acutely aware of the urgent challenges which the countries of this region are facing. We believe passionately that developing everyone’s understanding of economics can only be a good thing for individuals, for their communities and for broader national and regional stability.

Engaging with university and high school teachers, with students and with education officials, EFI and our country partners want economic literacy to be in everyone’s reach. Already operating in 10 languages, we plan to include even more Eastern European and Central Asian languages in our portfolio.”


EFI in cooperation with UET Centre so far has organized several different and successful activities with interesting topics such as about the financial literacy and its profound impact on young minds’ decision-making process, understanding the economic factors contributing to poverty helps policymakers design effective programs and policies, clubs to provide them valuable opportunities and to develop their skills in economics, critical thinking, and public speaking focusing in economic perspective and other such topics including economics and finance. Also in these activities, the participation of professors in the respective fields and experts should be thanked and honored for teaching and learning new things to the students that participated in every activity.

Except the students, 50 high school students from Albania came together to take part. The students were given the opportunity to engage in various activities and discussions aimed at broadening their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. Through their participation, the students not only gained valuable insights but also had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals from economics backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Let’s join hands in fostering financial knowledge, igniting intellectual debates, and inspiring future economic champions! Economic Fundamentals Initiative