Girls Speak Digital Economy

The “Girls Speak Digital Economy” (GSDE) project is organized by the UET Center in cooperation with the National Youth Congress and the Municipality of Tirana, within the framework of the Tirana European Capital of Youth Program 2022. (  ) The main goal of the project is to empower women/girls with the ability to was accepted into the labor market in the digital economy sector.

The specific objectives of the project are:

– Provision of facilities and services (hub) for women and girls for empowerment in the digital economy sector

– Increasing professional capacities for 30 women/girls (15-29 years old) in DE (Digital Economy)

– Providing access to the labor market for the target group with elevated professional capacities.

The project aims to encourage creativity among young people (with a special focus on women and girls) by promoting life skills.

“|Girls Speak Digital Economy” (GSDE) goes in line with the UET Center’s objectives of promoting free enterprise and inclusion and improving living conditions for all categories. This project will use technological innovations to empower and create economic independence for women/girls.

The GSDE project aims to achieve the empowerment of women and girls by enabling them to increase their professional capacities and opening up to an international market that belongs to the future.