What about this project

IPA Netcastle –cultural values protection,tourism through the use of new technologies and modernization of informative methods (digitalization) of castles in the cross-border areas (Greece-Albania)

In the framework of the Operational Program for Cross-Border Cooperation IPS between Greece and Albania, during 2007 – 2013, the implementation of “NET-CASTLE”, listed in Priority 2.1 and Priority 2.2, achieved its main goal: the development of the cultural tourism. As a result of this project, we have now the digitalization of ten castles in Ionian Islands and the Epirus Region (five in the Corfu Island and five in Thesprotia), as well as twelve castles in the Prefecture of Gjirokastra.

Referring to:

  • experience and cooperation for cross-border programs between Greece and
  • exploring ideas and other ways for highlighting and promoting the cultural heritage
    of both countries;
  • proper use of structures raised for this purpose;
  • knowledge gained and lessons learned to increase this cooperation at a higher level;
  • use of new technologies and e-tourism.

We are able to underline that the NET-CASTLE project fulfilled its overall objective, contributing to the strengthening of tourism in order to develop the cross-border economic ties for the areas covered by the project. Through the promotion of castles in these areas, highlighting and conveying a common cultural product aiming at strengthening the tourist industry, the product of this project further promotes the cultural collaboration and solidarity between both countries. Promoting the common cultural elements beyond borders and drawing attention in these cultural crossroads were made possible thanks to the use of the new technologies – as a platform conveying the historic and cultural values of the areas by means of creating a network for observing, renovating and improving the cultural heritage of the castles in the aforementioned regions, having a direct impact in promoting the tourism industry in these areas and offering a journey in time and space, in 3D format.

Through the project in question, Albanian – Greek collaboration, exchange of common experiences, commitment of public authorities and population, putting into use a working method and a joint conceptual framework, are some of the factors that motivated the this project contributors to get engaged in order to demonstrate the European ancient roots of these regions. This also proves that the castles of these areas do not belong only to the Albanian and Greek cultural heritage, but also to the European and world heritage i.e. creating a global vision of these areas, so they could find their deserved place in the European
conscience. Realized as a result of joint efforts from both countries, the NET- CASTLE project will lead to the development of tourism in the region, cultural renovation of tourism (etourism), differentiation of castles from other antique monuments, raising the awareness and mobilization of local scientific community, empowering and synchronization of informative methods for all residents and visitors to these areas, through the use of new technologies; therefore this project is also a great contribution to the cultural education of young people. Thanks to the new technologies, this project has also contributed to the expansion of the
tourist geographical and the interconnection of the new destinations. In general, the project has achieved the following:

  • Promoting cross-border cooperation for the development of tourism in these areas;
  • Modernizing tourist services and strengthening cultural tourism through what is called
    e-tourism, separating the characteristics of castles from those of ancient monuments;
  • Raising awareness and motivating the local scientific community;
  • Strengthening and modernizing the informative methods for all the citizens and the
    visitors through the use of new technologies;
  •  Creating opportunities for cultural education of young people.