Mind Genomics

What about Mind Genomics 

Considering the urging need for a more financially literate society for a faster EU integration and potential role of CSOs to address this pressing problem, this project aims at strengthen the role and participation of civil society organisations in the EU integration process of Albania, by supporting existing efforts to equip Albanian citizens with the necessary knowledge and skills on the EU and its existing financial infrastructure as a way to guarantee a smooth and sustainable accession process.

Specific Objective 1: Assess, inform and improve the overall financial literacy of Albanian society and in particular increase the general understanding on the EU policies and financial infrastructure, by supporting the negotiation process in several chapters related to financial development and education in particular (specifically: Chapter 4, Chapter 9, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 32, and Chapter 33).

Specific Objective 2: To encourage active citizenship in the EU integration process and increase policymakers and other relevant stakeholders’ awareness on financial literacy and EU financial system related issues and topics by using the mind genomics method of surveying people and based on the findings to come up with recommendations for local institutions and universities on continuing to contribute in the increase financial literacy among Albanians.