Tirana Throwdown

‘Tirana Throwdown took place on a three day activity in the premises of the Asllan Rusi Palace. This was the first international event of intensive and functional training in Albania. 140 foreign and albanian athletes were invited where they also participated in the competition. At the end, there were respective prizes for the winners.”

Tirana Throwdown was an outdoor sport event where the athletes that participated were from several countries such as Greece, Montenegro, Italy,  Netherlands.  In this event, there were combined exercises such as athletics, weightlifting, gymnastics, strength and resistance at the same time. Exercises were selected with care by professionals and awere combined in such a way as to test the strength and athletes’ resistance. The equipment that participated were considered the best athleted and professionals. The main organizers that helped to achieve this activity were: Elvis Maksuti organizer/ race developer planner, Ergys Male organizer, marketing manager Erion Maksuti. The event lasted for 3 full days, which it started at 19th of May to 21 May 2023. The first day consisted the opening of the activity and test while the next two days was all about the race. The event will take place at the Football Republic sports fields.

According to statistics, people who play sports live 4 years longer than people who don’t little or no physical exercise. During physical exercises in the human body, processes metabolic processes are accelerated, as a result of which fat cells burn intensively. Sports help to strengthen the immune system, especially against viruses and colds. Sport has a positive effect on the human back, developing the posture properly healthy. Regular sports activities help to strengthen muscular frame, which helps a person maintain a beautiful physical shape. Heart it becomes more elastic, which means that the possibility of strokes and attacks decreases of the heart. Regular physical activity relieves stress, improves mood and enhances human performance.