Kebjana Haka M.A.

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Executive Director

Kebjana Haka is Head of Office for Project Developments and Partnerships at the European Institute Pashko. She has received a master’s degree in Governance and Public Administration from the Albanian University in Albania and she earned a Bachelor of Philosophy-Sociology in Social Sciences from the University of Tirana. Since 2013, she has been involved in the management of several projects related to regional cooperation, the European Union and good-governance issues. Ms. Haka has an extensive working experience in project cycle management with a focus on developing, monitoring, evaluation, assessment of institutional performance indicators and as well as in assisting local governance units and local communities. For over five years, Haka has held the position of senior expert on IPA CBC and Transnational Cooperation Programs at the Ministry of European Integration in Albania. Subsequently, she was appointed Project Manager of Technical Assistance projects in the Ministry of European Integration, financed by the European Union.


Ketrina Çabiri PhD

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Programe Manager / Lecturer UET


Ketrina Çabiri Mijo has completed her PHD on Corruption and Decision Making in Public Procurement at the European University of Tirana, followed by a fellowship at the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at Essex University (2016) supported by the Civil Society Scholar Award and a research stay at the Department of Political Sciences and Sociology, University of Salzburg as a Sigma Agile Fellow (2015-2016). Ketrina received a master’s degree in European Politics from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom in 2009.  Since 2011 Ketrina has been working at the Office for Project Development and Partnerships at UET and currently she is the Head of Office. Previously she has worked as an expert of European Research Programs in the Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation in the Council of Ministers in Albania. She has an extensive experience in project writing and management, while she has been involved in several EU Projects such as Tempus, IPA CBC/Interreg MED/Balkan Med, LLP/Jean Monnet, ERASMUS +, ESPON and other national and international donors like World Bank and British Council, Open Society Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Sifting, OSCE, UNWOMEN, GDN (Global Research Competition), etc.


Dardane Nuka MSc.

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Project Coordinator

Dardane Nuka received her Msc degree in Service Management from Rochester Institute of Technology at RIT Kosovo, in 2009, and her BA degree in English Language and Literature, issued by the university of Prishtina in 2007. She also obtained a TESOL teaching certificate issued by the University of Oregon, in 2015. Dardane’s working experience spans teaching and research, project management and leadership positions. She has taught English and Business (Project Management) at American school of Kosova for 10 years and was a lecturer of Business English at Universum University for three years. At the same time, she has held other positions such as Curriculum Coordinator at Universum University, Trainer for teachers and International Standardized Tests Instructor at American Advising Center, and Process Accreditation English expert at the Kosovo Agency for Accreditation.  While, her management experience consists of project coordination and management in different local and international organizations, and program management for the local NGO Fare Verde from 2006 to 2012. She was involved both in NGO projects as well as big companies with multi-departmental initiatives and corporations. In all cases she was responsible for both the project writing and project cycle management as well. As for her leadership positions, Dardane has been a Head of Language Departments at the American School of Kosova, and a School Principle of the gymnasium ‘Arsimi i Shqiperise’ in Prishtina.