Reni Ndreko

[email protected]

Project Manager

Reni Ndreko is a highly skilled Project Manager with over five years of diverse experience across various industries. Reni holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Tirana and has enhanced skills in data science. Reni’s expertise lies in project management from different local and international donors, grant writing, research, data analysis, and machine learning. Reni has a strong track record in managing all project stages, executing complex projects within deadlines and budgets, and securing significant funding for organizations. Reni’s commitment to cross-functional collaboration and data-centric solutions has been crucial in achieving project objectives and driving business growth. Currently, Reni is serving as a Project Manager at the European University of Tirana, overseeing prestigious programs funded by the European Commission. Previously, Reni managed projects at Protik Innovation Centre and worked as a Researcher and Project Coordinator at the Albanian Centre for Economic Research, focusing on good governance and anti-corruption.)