Kebjana Haka

[email protected]
Executive Director

Kebjana Haka is Head of Office for Project Developments and Partnerships at the European Institute Pashko. She has received a master’s degree in Governance and Public Administration from the Albanian University in Albania and she earned a Bachelor of Philosophy-Sociology in Social Sciences from the University of Tirana. Since 2013, she has been involved in the management of several projects related to regional cooperation, the European Union and good-governance issues. Ms. Haka has an extensive working experience in project cycle management with a focus on developing, monitoring, evaluation, assessment of institutional performance indicators and as well as in assisting local governance units and local communities. For over five years, Haka has held the position of senior expert on IPA CBC and Transnational Cooperation Programs at the Ministry of European Integration in Albania. Subsequently, she was appointed Project Manager of Technical Assistance projects in the Ministry of European Integration, financed by the European Union.