What about this project 

In the framework of the project “Joint research and workshop on Knowledge-Based Regional Development in Albania and Kosovo – Reducing social and economic disparities through social and economic innovation” the leading organisation of the project is The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw), Austria. The research was conducted by partner organizations: Riinvest Institute, Kosovo and UET Centre, Albania and last but not least, this project is funded and support by the Zentrum für Soziale Innovation (ZSI), Austria within the Higher Kos Programme: “Research Cooperation and Networking between Austria, Kosovo and the Western Balkan Region”


Overall information

This project is relevant to the Albanian policy framework development given that in the period between 2013 and 2015 the government and stakeholders are in the process of evaluation of existing strategies and drafting the strategies till 2020 in line with the European Union accession process. In this sense, the interplay between research, innovation and development needs to be fully explored in order to inform sound policy. Of particular interest to policy-making and accession process in Albania is the extent and the ways in which research and innovation could contribute to sustainable regional development through the reduction of social and economic disparities. Thus the impact of the project is three-fold:

First, the research topic is relatively under-explored in Albania and as such the research project contributes to the development of knowledge and provision of policy recommendations based on academic research on this particular topic and paves the way for future research and similar initiatives.

Second, the research project seeks to provide policy recommendations in regards to: (i) the enforcement of the link between research, innovation and regional development in Albania; (ii) the enhancement of the partnership between government, business and research in Albania in such a way as to contribute to knowledge-driven regional development and thus reduce social and economic disparities.

Third, the implementation of the research project along with the dissemination strategy initiates a critical mass of researchers, students and policy makers who are aware of and committed to the emerging topic of knowledge-based regional development in Albania by exploiting the key strength of the applicant organisation and individual researchers.