The School of Law and Leadership 2023

During the first week of May, UET Centre organized the Leadership Shchool in Dhermi, Vlora where were present the graduates from all over Albania. Professors of the Faculty of Law, European University of Tirana presented the book emphasizing the importance of knowing the concepts and economic phenomena for their development. Furthermore, economics plays a crucial role in addressing social issues. For instance, understanding the economic factors contributing to poverty helps policymakers design effective programs and policies to alleviate it. By analyzing income distribution, access to education, and job opportunities, economists can offer insights to create more inclusive societies and reduce inequality.

During this three-day event, approximately 50 high school students from Albania came together to take part. The students were given the opportunity to engage in various activities and discussions aimed at broadening their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. Through their participation, the students not only gained valuable insights but also had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals from economics backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Overall, the event was a great opportunity for these young individuals to learn, grow and expand their horizons about economics. Hight schools graduated have been invited to participate in the summer school. We received 180 applications and among them, a selection was made. Having such a high number of applications demonstrates a significant level of interest in your program or activity. Among them, 50 young individuals were selected. The School is co-funded by the UET Centre and the European University of Tirana awarded a full scholarship to the winner of best essay.