The School of Innovation 2023

During the last week of May, we presented the book “Common Sense Economics” to high school graduates from all over Albania.  The Innovation School was successfully organized with 40 high school graduated.

The main topic of this incredible educational activity was “The Impact of Technology on the Economy.”

We were incredibly proud of 40 high school seniors, who explored the dynamic relationship between technology and the economy during the three-day workshop. Their dedication and hard work have led them to gain valuable insights into how advancements in technology shape various sectors and drive economic growth.

Throughout their time at the Innovation School, these bright minds have engaged in thought-provoking discussions, conducted innovative research, and presented small projects. Their commitment to understanding the influence of technology on the economy is truly commendable. Professors of the Faculty of Innovative and Technological Sciences at UET presented the book emphasizing the importance of knowing economic concepts and phenomena for their development.

They have been gathered together from different high schools from Albania. Hight schools graduated have been invited to participate in the summer school. We received 205 applications and among them, a selection was made. Having such a high number of applications demonstrates a significant level of interest in your program or activity. Among them, 40 young individuals were selected. The School is co-funded by the UET Centre and the European University of Tirana awarded a full scholarship to the winner of best essay.