Call for Experts

UET Center

 Tirana, 20.05.2020


Call for Experts

Projects: Mind Genomics


UET Center, that coordinates the project “Financial Literacy through the lens of EU Integration process: Mind Genomics approach for active citizenship and CSOs” funded by the European Union and with the contracting authority the Ministry of Finance, announces the following call:

Experts in organizing information and preparatory sessions with students

(Preparation for training on European Integration and Mind Genomics questionnaire)

Job description

The purpose of this contract is for experts from the three universities involved in the project (UBT, University of Elbasan and the University of Vlora) is to prepare students for the training on European Integration of Albania by holding the relevant information session and instructing students on completing the Mind Genomics questionnaire.


Commitment Period: 10 June 2019 – 20 June 2019


Selection Criteria

  1. Have completed higher education;
  2. Have work experience of at least three years;
  3. Have good communication skills;
  4. To be an Albanian citizen;
  5. Have full capacity to act;
  6. Proficient in written and spoken Albanian and English;
  7. To be in health conditions that allow him to perform the respective task;
  8. No disciplinary measures have been taken against him / her, which have not been extinguished according to the law.


Application procedure

Candidates must submit a written request / expression of interest and CV to the UET Center. Only candidates who meet the criteria will be contacted.

The application together with the supporting documentation should be sent to the e-mail address of [email protected], or by mail, address: Kebjana Haka, UET Center, Blv. “Gjergj Fishta”, Nd 70, H1, Tirana, Albania, until 01/06/2020


Kebjana Haka

Executive Director

UET Center